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What Rochester Hills Painting Offers

Rochester Hills Painting offers you quality services at affordable rates.
  • Interior Residential Painting
  • Interior Commercial Painting
  • Popcorn Ceiling Removal
  • Drywall Repair
  • Paint Priming
  • Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing
  • Wallpaper Removal
  • Textured Finish Removal

If you have special painting requests, we'll do our best to accommodate you.

We also offer kitchen cabinet painting and restoration services such as repairs, cabinet stripping, staining, and clear coating.

Trust Rochester Hills Painting to use the right kinds of materials for every interior painting job. We use the right patching putty, primer, and low-VOC paints for a cleaner look and healthier space. And of course, we can find you the color you’re looking for among the top-rated paint brands we use. Your choices include Benjamin Moore, Behr Premium, Valspar, Dunn Edwards, Glidden, and Sherwin Williams.

Every part of the interior painting process is professionally done with an eye for detail and an aim to please. Our business is recognized locally by word of mouth. We are known for excellent service at prices that won't break the bank.

With Rochester Hills Painting, you won't need to wonder or fret. There is no guesswork in how we do our job. All workers are trained and experienced, making sure you get only the best Painting service you deserve.

So give us a call at (248) 609-1456 and we'll listen.

It's time for something new.

It's time for Rochester Hills Painting, your quality affordable interior painters, to make your home or place of business simply wonderful and new!

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Rochester Hills Painting Services

Interior Residential Painting Rochester Hills

Interior Residential Painting

When it comes to increasing your home’s value, interior residential painting is the most cost-effective way. Beautifully painted, smooth walls make properties sell for even higher than their market value—all this at the fraction of the price of a home renovation.

But your property value increases not just because repainting makes it look better. Interior painting also helps to protect your home and its structural integrity by blocking moisture out of the walls. Moisture is the culprit for molds and mildew. These pathogens cause allergies, skin irritations, and that foul-smelling odor you can’t seem to get rid of no matter how much you clean.

Paint can also repel dust, resist smog, and minimize crayon stains. Get this advantage with acrylic or latex gloss or semi-gloss paints.

If it’s been 5 years since you last had your walls refreshed, it’s time for a fresh coat. More frequently-used rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens where moisture is ever-present need to be repainted even more often than that. Also, consider ceiling painting as it has a major impact on the brightness and feel of a room. Since they don’t tend to get as dirty as walls do, ceilings need only be painted every 8 to 10 years.

Interior Commercial Painting Rochester Hills

Interior Commercial Painting

Part of being professional is having a place of business that reflects your attitude. That’s why you need expertly done interior commercial painting.

Commercial painting is different than residential painting in that the former usually involves more square footage. Knowing this, you need a consistent contractor that’s experienced, has the right-sized crew, and is equipped for the job. They can work through weekends and nights to ensure the least disruption to your operations and income.

This contractor would not only provide you great-looking walls but guidance into the right kind of paints to use. The right mix of colors and finishes help you gain admiration and credibility from clients.

But it’s not just the color that counts. How well the paint job is done showcases your pride in your service or product, and projects respect towards your clients. You can start winning more business once people glance at your hallways.

And your people gain from it, too. Repainting preserves your property and helps keep it clean, giving your employees health and mood benefits. It inspires them to work harder as they see how their employer takes care of them.

Spruce up your office and your image with a professionally done interior commercial painting.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Rochester Hills

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceilings became famous in the 1970s. Also known as acoustic ceilings, they have since gone out of style.

Aside from aesthetic reasons, popcorn ceilings need to be removed for their toxic content. The presence of asbestos is dangerous to the health of the building’s occupants especially if there are cracks and holes in the ceiling already. Asbestos is a substance blamed for many respiratory illnesses ranging from allergies to lung cancer, so it’s best to hire a knowledgeable professional for this job.

Even without the presence of asbestos, updating your ceilings is a wise choice. Popcorn ceilings catch dust easily and are hard to clean. From a thick white, they fade into a pale gray over time.

Removing popcorn ceilings is best done before your family moves into the property because the dust can get into your furniture even if they’re covered. That means if you’re already occupying the house, your belongings will have to be moved out of the room.

An interior painting contractor can help with moving things around as long as there are no appliances that need to be professionally uninstalled.

Even if there are other options such as covering popcorn ceilings, it’s more cost-effective to have them removed as you will have to do it anyway later.

Cracked Drywall Rochester Hills

Drywall Repair

To get the perfect paint job, your drywall needs to be smooth and damage-free.

Many people assume that once it incurs some type of damage, drywall needs to be replaced. But there are certain situations when it’s salvageable. Besides, drywall repair is always cheaper than having to replace the whole thing.

Repairable drywall damage includes holes from screws and nails, imperfections due to moisture, holes from doorknobs, screw pops, or nicks from furniture banging on the wall. These small to medium-sized holes and cuts can be patched and fixed to make it look like it was never there.

If your drywall is cracked or the holes are too big to retain the integrity of the board, it’s better to replace it instead. Cracks may be a sign of an underlying issue such as incorrect pressure distribution, temperature changes, improper fitting, or deterioration.

A professional knows these things pretty well. He also knows how to properly finish drywall—a skill that is considered an art form by many for its difficulty.

So with all things considered, hiring a professional is still the best way to go when it comes to drywall repair, hanging, and finishing. Excellent drywall work then results in the best painting outcome.

Prime Painting Wood Rochester Hills

Paint Priming

There are so many DIY guides on painting out there telling you to skip on priming. And while that can apply to some situations, most of the time it’s not.

Proper paint priming is as important as painting surfaces right. This is because paint priming and cutting (and sometimes some light sanding) allow for the best possible paint adhesion on your surfaces.

Priming prevents patched holes from looking dark and uneven. There might also be stains and lines that need blocking such as water stains, kids' doodles, wood grain, and even lipstick stains. All these should be covered by an appropriate paint primer. Otherwise, the lines might bleed through your top paint and you would need a thicker coat - a huge no-no in any paint job.

Priming is important in giving different kinds of surfaces a good base for your topcoat. Those surfaces include materials like the wood on your kitchen cabinets and drywall as it covers grains and pores. It bonds strongly with raw wood, so it gives pigment or lacquer a beautiful, smooth look when applied.

Paint primer doesn't cost a lot, and a little covers a wide surface area.

With a good primer under your topcoat, the paint job will last for years and years.

Wallpaper Removal Rochester Hills

Wallpaper Removal

Some wallpaper has faded and worn over time. And then there’s wallpaper that’s just sad.

It’s hard to think that they were the hottest fads at one point in time, but it’s high time they’re removed from your home.

No matter how many guides there are over the internet, it’s the pros who know how to properly remove wallpaper. That’s because these experts know at one glance how they were installed in the first place so they can pinpoint the best method to do the job without damaging your walls.

Yes, there are different kinds of wallpaper with different kinds of glue used. And there are also different surfaces they were attached to. There’s sheetrock, there’s cement, there’s plaster, there’s wood, and there’s even painted-over wallpaper.

But no matter what type they are, wallpaper removal can be done without the use of harmful chemicals that emit lingering and unhealthy fumes. All you need is a lot of patience and some simple tools.

If you’re up for this task, welcome to the minority. Most people would get frustrated and impatient that they tend to damage their walls during the process.

To save time and the cost of patching up damage though, hire a professional.

Textured Finish Removal Rochester Hills

Textured Finish Removal

Textured walls may have been applied to stylize your rooms. Or they might’ve been used to cover up imperfections on the walls.

Nowadays, people prefer to have a smooth, flat wall over textured paint, and for good reason. Despite the added dimension that a textured wall gives, it’s prone to dust, and not everybody likes the dated feel. If you’re selling your house, most buyers know that textured walls are difficult to remove.

To get a smooth wall, textured finishes have to be either removed or skim coated.

If the wall has never been painted, removal is the way to go. You have to strip down the drywall to apply paint, which makes it more durable against moisture and damage.

But if your drywall already has paint on it, it would be advisable to skim coat it instead. By doing this, you’re taking advantage of the waterproofing qualities of the paint, and reinforcing it with the drywall compound you’ll apply.

Existing textures that are thick and particularly lumpy will need more than one layer of skim coat. It’s a time-consuming and laborious process but it will be well worth it when finished.

Both methods can be taken care of by your painting contractor, and you get the smooth wall you’ve always wanted.

Why Choose Rochester Hills Painting?

It’s a wonder how a fresh coat of paint can make your home or business look brand new.

Imagine your home looking like it was just built. The walls are clear, the ceiling is clean. This is what you can achieve by hiring Rochester Hills Painting.

We execute high-quality interior painting that increases your property’s value. Our grade-A workmanship also preserves your building by inhibiting moisture absorption, thus preventing mold growth.

But there’s a more meaningful reason to have your property looking fresh and pristine.

During this time of pandemic where we stay indoors so much, what our homes mean to us has been magnified. Old, faded, or peeling paint feels exactly like the clutter you took out when you did spring cleaning: stuffy and sad.

This is exactly why you need Rochester Hills Painting to clear away that negativity that brings your mood down and distracts your work concentration.

We put the joy back into your living space with those holes and cracks evened and repaired, as well as the professionalism in your workspace with straight, crisp colors lining your walls.

And our polite and professional crew will do it with as little disruption to your daily routine as possible. We work efficiently while making sure that all your belongings are protected from splatter and debris.

Best of all, our excellent services won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Rochester Hills Painting is here to amaze you.

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